“Koko is such a wonderful soul who smiles with her heart which is full of love. She gave a session on Kundalini Yoga, and it was an amazing and beautiful experience for me. Her energy was so flawless that I just flew with that energy throughout the practice. I was so deep and intense into myself that by the end of the practice I was experiencing a free flow of Divine Light and energy with in my whole body. My whole being was transformed into my Heart.”

Prem Varsha, Meditation, Kundalini, Yoga Mentor

“I was very fortunate to have had one-on-one sessions with Koko Shie. She is without a doubt the most knowledgeable and well studied yogini I have ever met. After being injured while serving as a medic in the Australian military, I had severe insomnia and back pain for years. Koko tailored a morning and night routine of various styles of meditation, stretching, and yoga to fit my needs. I immediately began to feel changes in my lower back and my pain levels are consitstantly and steadily declining. My sleep paterns started to improve the first night! I can’t recommend Koko and Sun Moon Flow yoga highly enough!”

Matthew Avery Australian Naval Veteran

“Koko is a bundle of joy and a wonderful yoga instructor! Her bubbly nature shines through during her classes. She has a strong commitment to the practice and is always enthusiastic to share her knowledge with others. I have attended many of Koko’s classes and have thoroughly enjoyed every one, feeling calm and rejuvenated afterwards. She offers an unique experience by combining yoga with songs, mantras and meditation. I am very grateful to have discovered Koko’s classes and highly recommend them to you.“

Ashley Wallace Executive of University Of Queensland, Yoga & Meditation Club

“I had the pleasure of working with Koko Shie as part of Yoga University’s 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training on Maui in the Spring of 2015.  I observed Koko to be an overall engaged, studious, and adept student of yoga who proved on several occasions to be an excellent teacher.  Most notable was the very masterful Yin Yoga session that Koko led us all in one morning at Maui’s Sacred Earth Temple in which she soothingly weaved profound threads of yogic wisdom in with precise asana cues. I recognized at that moment that Koko is a great yoga teacher who will touch many, bringing peace of mind and body through her peaceful and loving presence.”

Allowah Lani Founder of Yoga Quest University

“Koko is an amazing yoga and meditation instructor who always goes that extra mile to make everyone feel more welcome, connected, and LOVED! She was radiant, full of love and an absolute blessing to have in our yoga retreat at Bunya Mountain. Koko is truly passionate about what she does, and holds true and admirable values. She is also very accommodating to beginners, and fosters a sense of belonging and connection between all yogis. I can’t recommend Koko enough!”

Sophie Blatcher Director of University Of Queensland, Yoga & Meditation Club

“I very much enjoy Koko’s yoga classes. Afterward I always feel re-energised whilst my body feels free of some tensions I typically carry. I like Koko’s teaching style. She provides clearly articulated guidance at a free flowing intermediate pace. Koko’s has a very pleasant and kind nature with a positive outlook on just about everything in life. But most of all she loves teaching and sharing yoga. It is easy to see it is her life passion.”

Paul Sharman Carpenter

“I have been lucky enough to practice outdoor yoga in koko’s’ class. Beautiful classes with a lovely ukulele song at the end. Heartfelt. I am very appreciative of Koko as a teacher as it’s very clear that she takes her yoga to heart and genuinely wants to help people have a positive wholesome and community spirited experience. She brings people together after the yoga and ensures everybody makes new friends. It is really important that we have people like Koko who are prepared to put themselves out there and help others unconditionally. It’s easy to see the depth of someone’s holistic practice in relation to yoga and what shines through with Koko is her genuine dedication to living life as a Yogi in kind consideration of others. I encourage you to participate in Koko’s class.“

Jesse Taylor Founder of Brisbane Outdoors Yoga Community

”Koko is a teacher that truly lives the practice — her gentle presence, deep introspection and genuine kindness radiates out in every class. Her soft, sweet voice paired with her signature cheery smile makes Koko the perfect guide for deep release. It is impossible to take a class with Koko without leaving lighter, brighter and happier!”

Sufey Chen Executive Director of Yoga University

“When I first started yoga with Koko, I had been practising for around a year. I found that Koko’s unique style and traditional approach really helped me improve quite significantly within a short period of time. Koko taught me to focus more on the foundational poses which helped improve my overall practice and my control in more advanced poses. Through her guidance I was able to achieve my first ever handstand and forearm balance. If you are looking for an experienced instructor who is passionate about yoga, then you are in the right place.”

Rachel Bird Senior Advisor

“Koko is a smooth flowing yoga leader who is always conscious about the energy and space of a room. It’s easy to recognize the kind heart she has when she takes the time to learn your name and ask the important questions before she begins to dig in deeper to the root causes of all the problems: need more asana!”

Ned Tobin Artist and Poet